lem·on drop

lemən ˌdräp/

noun: lemon drop; plural noun: lemon drops

A space where beauty and art are twin flames, they mirror another to reflect the light within. A space with no limitations for creativity, freedom, and individuality.

 A form of artistry that motivates, inspires and welcomes all beauty in all forms.

Hi! I’m Kendra, the owner of Lemon Drop, and I believe that we all wear a blank canvas and can use our paint brushes to enhance and reveal the beauty that’s already there. My passion as a makeup artist comes from my late father’s love for art. My Dad was extremely gifted, he loved to draw, paint, and make handcrafted items. He saw art in everything, from music, food, culture, dance, theater, the everyday life. I remember I was 9 years old; he took me to the 3 Arts Club (in Downtown Chicago) where he worked at the time and I saw fashion, makeup artists, theater, music, drama, and paintings. I thought wow this is so magical, and that’s when I realized that my dad and I shared that same passion. From a young age I would play dress up and always play in my Auntie Connie’s makeup, sit at her vanity, and pretend to be the sophisticated lady I looked up to. I also had an imagination out of this world mixed with thinking and being different. I never liked to be the same and always had to add my own spin to things. My good friend from high school purchased me a makeup kit for my birthday and once I picked up the eyeshadow brush, I never looked back. As I blended, tapped, and pressed each color onto my eyelid, it made me feel free and powerful. This sparked my passion for makeup and beauty. Everyone has their own perception on how things are viewed, so as you look through the lenses and see Lemon Drop, I hope you would be able to not only see external beauty but also internal.